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T-WORLD, 2012
hard cover
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T-world is the only printed journal dedicated to T-shirt culture globally.


T-world New York Issue


"The latest issue of T-world has finally hit the shelves. I worked very hard on this issue along with Eddie Zammit and spent two weeks in the New York City photographing some of my favourite artists and designers for the issue including Claw Money, Tony Arcabascio, Jeff Staple, Mishka, SSUR, Stash, Bobby Hundreds, ALIFE, 10 Deep, Cookies-n-Cream, Ron English, ONLY, Ricky Powell and Zoo York. Art directed by Eddie Zammit and designed by Nick Rudenno the result is an amazing journal on t-shirt culture that is unsurpassed. I'm so proud to be a part of this publication.

Here are a few of my favourite spreads!"



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creative business,
ilustrácia / detské knihy / kids,
umenie / art,

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