Space and Learning

Herman Hertzberger
vydavateľ / rok vydania:
nai 010, 2008
väzba / počet strán:
mäkká, 256 strán
270 x 210 mm
cena s DPH:33,00 €
(po započítaní zľavy)(30,00 € bez DPH)

Schools loom large in the comprehensive body of work designed by Herman Hertzberger; more than thirty have been built to date. School-building, according to Hertzberger, is one of the few areas in architecture today where designers are still able to define and influence human conditions. In his opinion, school buildings require striking a balance between use, performance and an architecture informed by education. School buildings need re-inventing on each new occasion, particularly given current developments in education which are shifting away from the traditional approach to one more targeted at the individual. This clearly necessitates a trade-off between education, educational systems and architecture. Space and Learning brings together Hertzberger’s knowledge and ideas in a theoretical study of the spatial conditions of learning, lavishly illustrated throughout with the architect’s own work and that of others.

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veda / science,
nai 010

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