Confessions: Eroticism in Media

vydavateľ / rok vydania:
Gestalten, 2012
väzba / počet strán:
mäkká, 226 strán
23 x 28 cm
cena s DPH:49,90 €
(po započítaní zľavy)(45,36 € bez DPH)

Although Internet porn is just a few clicks away, independent print publications devoted to erotica are currently thriving. “Confessions: Eroticism in Media” introduces ten groundbreaking publications from around the world that are creating a contemporary visual language for erotic content. This edition also features telling conversations with their makers, all of whom are using the haptic qualities of a printed magazine and the power of well-made images to address more distinct erotic preferences.


In addition to giving voice to those who showcase erotic images in their publications, “Confessions: Eroticism in Media” provides a curated platform of 100 pages for ten photographers, illustrators, and artists who share their intimate thoughts on the intricacies of their work. It also includes a candid feature on the historic evolution of erotic magazines from their inception to today.

> v kategórií:
antikvariát / vintage,
fashion / lifestyle,
fotografia / film / divadlo,
Láska ~ Sex ~ Erotika,

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