Works That Work #02

Magazine of unexpected creativity

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Works That Work, 2013
soft cover
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Works That Work is a new international design magazine that looks beyond mere portfolios, a magazine dedicated to inspiration and observation, to conditions and contexts, a kind of National Geographic of design. We are interested in the manifestations of unexpected creativity. Perceptive, lucid, patient. Practical, positive, detached from artists’ egos, searching the globe to bring you just works that work.


At a time when many magazines are shrinking in size and readership, or closing down entirely, we are starting a new one. Not to fill yet another particular speciality niche, but rather quite the opposite: Works That Work is a magazine for the curious mind, endeavouring to surprise its readers with a rich mix of diverse subjects connected by the theme of human creativity, searching for a deeper understanding of work and its motives.On the one hand, we are committed to the most fundamental sharing technique there is: engaging storytelling. On the other hand, we are not bound to traditional publishing technologies and offer you our stories in a form that suits you whether you want to read us on paper, tablet or phone.One of the fundamental assertions of Works That Work is that creativity is not the exclusive domain of artists or designers, but something that surrounds us in our daily lives, something so embedded in our everyday experience that it often escapes our attention. All human creations involve design, though some of the most successful designs are so intuitive that we may take them for granted unless we stop to study them closely.Works That Work seeks out examples of unexpected creativity, from the metropolises of India to the provincial towns of the Netherlands. We hope to present subjects that affect the way we look at the world, but perhaps most importantly, we hope to publish articles that make great dinner stories to tell your friends.

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Works That Work

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