C-Heads #32

Hey Girls

vydavateľ / rok vydania:
C-Heads, 2014
väzba / počet strán:
soft cover, 136 strán
21.8 cm x 27.6 cm
cena s DPH:69,00 €
(57,50 € bez DPH)

Limited Print Edition – 1000 copies


It´s about time for an issue to be entirely dedicated to women! After all C-Heads has mainly been made by women since it began. An issue full of images, thoughts and conversations. About freedom, dreams, sex and life. Us women can be anything we want to be. Naughty. Tender. Happy. Melancholiac. Complicated. Wild. Dreamy. Realistic. Natural.

A beautiful mysterious nature. And always unique.


“I consider myself a modern woman. Someone who can empower, inspire, and not care what people think while being in the minority.Those are the best things, I think, there are about being a woman.” talks our cover-girl Jessie Andrews about woman. She has never really cared about what others think of her and just does what is right for her at each moment in her life. And she casts her net wide: model, adult actress, DJ and producer, jewelry designer and who knows what the pretty 22-year old one is up to next? In the issue she shows off different sides of her personality photographed by Dirk Mai exclusively for C-Heads. We also talked to Henrik Purienne who is one of the names in current fashion photography. Cologne based freelance photographer obiwolf documents Berlin teenagers on a 7 days Berlin trip in a neutral form far away from their own self-projection.”In this age group, where most of them are still in their phase of self-discovery, you can still find a lot of experimental and reckless styles and personalities.”More wonderful and stunning exclusive content, editorials, stories and interviews by Cameron Hammond, Cameron Henderson, Chris Steinbach, Dana Boulos, Inny Taylor x Carla Tramullas, Jai, Jared S. Rosenbaum, Jessy Lanza, Josh Reed, Michael Dürr, Miko Lim, Nancy Gomez alias Frankie Mark and Zachary Chick.

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antikvariát / vintage,
Láska ~ Sex ~ Erotika,

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