Introducing: Visual Identities for Small Businesses

vydavateľ / rok vydania:
Gestalten, 2012
väzba / počet strán:
tvrdá, 256 strán
21 x 26 cm
cena s DPH:39,00 €
(35,45 € bez DPH)

Introducing: Visual Identities for Small Businesses is a compilation of intelligent corporate designs for small, creative companies. The diverse work—such as a small run of stationery for a specialized consultant, the hand-set business cards of a typographer, or wrapping paper and chalk-boards for a local flower shop—is thematically united by a fresh attitude and personal approach that captures the imagination with which the founders pursue and communicate their business concepts.


Reflecting the full spectrum of today’s most important design trends, the featured examples make clear that intriguing visual concepts do not depend on large budget. Rather, the work included in Introducing: Visual Identities for Small Businesses is a testament to the fact that certain limitations can be beneficial to coming up with original and effectively executed creative ideas.

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creative business,

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