Works That Work #06

Forgotten Ideas

Works That Work
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Works That Work No. 6 is out now! Forgotten ideas worth a second look. Many magazines rush to cover the latest news. Works That Work is interested in the impact of design and forgotten ideas worth a second look.



Weapons of Mass Deception. Part of the Second World War was fought with dummy vehicles and counterfeit weapons designed to deceive the enemy and confuse intel.

Roadside Attractions. The unexpectedly diverse and beautiful bus stops of the former USSR, lovingly documented by photographer Christopher Herwig.

Our Country is The World. In the wake of the Second World War Garry Davis launched his effort to establish a universal world government by issuing its passport.

What a Difference a School Can Make. Seemingly simple design decisions can make a school building more comfortable and make students more likely to complete their education.

Cars That Run on Trees. Though they may seem like a steampunk fantasy or a whimsical curiosity, wood-burning cars were once commonplace in Europe.

Colour Photography Before Colour Photography. Colour photographs taken over a hundred years ago using a primitive, long-abandoned process which produces spectacular images.

The Cobbler Who Conquered the World. The principles and practices of the man who turned a humble family business into the world’s largest shoe manufacturing enterprise.

Fighting Illiteracy With Typography. Why an attempt to simplify Arabic script for printing and learning has the potential to boost literacy, and why it has not yet succeeded.

Nutcrackers. The traditional way of processing the *coco de babaçu* still surpasses mechanical methods, but the women who use it face serious obstacles.

The Language of Colours. The Munsell Color System catalogues the broad range of colours perceivable by the human eye and reproducible by imaging technology.

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Works That Work

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